Susanne Torstenssons language is performance, video and sculpture. She finds significance and consciousness through symbols and words. Investigates phenomena, seeking answers in a social, cultural and political world.


"About the evolution of ageing, age patterns of mortality and reproduction. Mother trees and the mycorrhizal symbiosis: a sort of pathway for communication..."

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"As an anthropologist Susanne Torstensson investigates communities and 3d worlds ..."

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"Cars pimped with kitchenware, vacuum cleaner decorated with screws, nuts and...."

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The artist group: Maid In Sweden

"Burman, Göhesson and Torstensson allows themselves to play with aphorisms around household chores. They examine from a personal point of view their own history through a maternal perspective."

Members: Christina Göthesson, Helena Burman and Susanne Torstensson. Performance Art.

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ArtMobile - artists driven mobile gallery

ArtMobile is a group of artists that run a mobile gallery in Västerås, Sweden.   

Members: Tapani Björkbacka, Anna Granberg, Susanne Torstensson.

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Temporart - a temporary Art Gallery in a shopping center

Producer and curator at Temporart Konsthall.

Temporart VällingbyCity 2013-

Citygalleriorna Västerås 2010- 2012

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